NSB HOLDING CORP. and its subsidiaries are multinational overseas registered corporation founded in Belize sins 1992 as a part of the smelter and refinery group structure with the idea of managed global trade under the umbrella of MTA.

The companies are designed and specialized for trade and export overstocks in the international market and is registered and licensed on international stock exchanges.

NSB HOLDING CORP. contemporary image matches its leading position – modern management, professionalism, dynamics in development and aspiration for improvement, innovation and looking for new possibilities for diversification of production.


Our vision is to continue its dynamic business evolution, while keeping faithful to the values that make it a key pillar of entrepreneurship and a valuable supporter of the local communities. The Company considers that it has a duty to multiply its value over time, through appropriate strategic decisions and investments allowing it to offer high-quality products and services that exceed expectations.


With a view to ensuring sustainable growth, the Company also seeks to act as a catalyst for the growth of its local community and to implement all its business activities with a high sense of environmental awareness and responsibility. The Company’s goal is to maintain and consolidate its position as the vertically integrated primary metal trading units in the Region.


Management strategy is directed at maintaining the high competitiveness of production, the introduction of best practices and making some important innovations.

The company takes an active role in creating and implementing effective solutions adequate to the interests of the founders and contribute to the improvement of public welfare and economic potential.

We provide efficient logistic solutions and develop new customer-oriented products and services in close cooperation with our business partners.


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